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Veggies, Meat, and vast Grasslands!

Hello!! Max here being mounted by my delightful but slightly bossy owner Koko! Today will be a shorter but nonetheless pleasant post. I actually just got back from a very nice and delicious BBQ-lunch in the middle of the vast grasslands (sougen/草原) of Mt. Aso and thought I’d share some pictures.

The mastermind behind this genius idea is..

Aneco!! Aneco is an organization that aims to spread the joy of enjoying high-quality food while being immersed in the vast and beautiful landscapes of Mt. Aso. And their specialty is nothing other than BBQ which caters perfectly to my Swedish heart!

The place for today’s feast was right next to the impressive Komezuka which is a beautifully shaped cinder cone with a history of around 2000 years. A cinder cone is what you call a formation born through pyroclastic fragments such as ash and cinder building up around a volcanic vent. Symbolically, the perfect place for a BBQ!

It can be complicated to arrange a good BBQ abroad since you don’t have any equipment right? The best thing here is that you don’t need to bring anything except a good mood and an empty stomach! Everything isn’t just prepared for you, it’s prepared with unbeatable class and style! I can even brag that the wooden plates are produced using Oguni cedar right here in Minamioguni.

Oh, and if you didn’t notice it in the last picture there are even hammocks prepared for anyone who needs a calm place to digest the food! Or alcohol?
Speaking of alcohol…
They also had this new specially designed Kirin beer featuring the artwork of a local painter and his depiction of Kusa Senri in Mt. Aso. Written to the left is Kumamoto’s new slogan. The slogan is actually a pun so, of course, I have to try and translate it even though it’s doomed to fail miserably. Here we go,  “More, mooore! KumaMO(RE)to!”… Okay, it was silly of me to even try… Anyway, the beer is available to buy from the 18th of June so make sure to check it out!

Let’s move on to the main event! A Weber kettle grill is a familiar and soothing sight for many Swedish people as it probably is the major way of preparing food during the summer months.

And what do we have hiding inside??IMG_0150
Different delicious parts of the Aso specialty, Aka beef. And to accompany it, an array of locally produced beautiful vegetables. All of it giving off a wonderful appetizing smell that made me feel sorry for any non-participators passing within a kilometer of our little camp!

Today’s participators (minus me taking the picture)! 5 hungry guys who gathered from different parts of Kumamoto to enjoy some good conversation, staggering scenery, AMAZING food, and….. non-alcoholic beer… Well, you can’t have it all!

Let the feasting begin!!!

Carefully and beautifully arranged right before your eyes, just enough so that you can enjoy it newly cut and smoking hot! But more than anything, the taste!!! Perfectly grilled, perfect amount of smokiness, sooo tender and wow, the seasoning was out of this world!

Did you feel a bit worried about the size of the portion? Don’t worry I think I had my plate refilled at least 4-5 times with new veggies and meat. This way you get to enjoy different cuts of meat and they make sure that the last part of your meal doesn’t get cold while eating. I guarantee that no one will leave an Aneco-BBQ with an unsatisfied stomach. Actually, when I thought the food-part was over, they even brought out tacos for dessert!

Oh, and there was one final surprise as well…




The possibility to enjoy a bird-perspective of Mt. Aso, Komezuka and the fresh grassy meadows stretching out in all directions as you are being tucked away closely in one of those cozy hammocks. A very nice finishing touch utilizing the evergrowing power of drone technology! Truly felt like flying!

Well well, as I said, a shorter post this time! But I had a great time during this 2-3 hour event. And for the cheap price of 3000 yen (less than 30 dollars), I would say it’s a bargain! Thanks to the nice people of Aneco for their wonderful hospitality and thanks to my fellow participators for making this a fantastic Sunday lunch!

Anyone who wants to know more about Aneco and their events should check out their webpage (only in Japanese though!):

Thank you as always for reading, it means a lot to me! Until next time!



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  1. helenagoesnyc Avatar

    Yet another beutiful post! For some reason Tomas arnt able to leave any comments on the blog, even though he wants to and tries.


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